Vanessa Stone

Through her 20 years of leadership and as the Founder of the Amala Foundation; a non-profit humanitarian organization, Vanessa has come to serve as a transformational facilitator, dynamic teacher and powerful mentor, inspiring emerging leaders who carry revolutionary visions for uplifting our world and growing global community. She has a passion for unifying people from all walks of life in service, personal growth and healing  .

Vanessa Stone, with the support of community, has initiated and served as lead facilitator in countless transformational projects including, The Global Youth Peace Summit, Camp Indigo, Bhatti Mines School Project in India, African Youth Peace Summit, One Village Prison Project, Camp Mana  and currently co-founder of The Institute for Emerging Visionaries. She is also founding board member for HIP Agriculture and continues her work as an inspirational speaker, mentor and consultant for individuals and groups.

In 2016, she co-founded The Institute for Emerging Visionaries, which offers a course of learning, training and mentorship for young visionary leaders from around the world to receive the support needed to actualize their visions for their communities.

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Shauna Mistretta

Shauna Mistretta is passionate about making a difference in the world. This passion has taken on many forms from helping to create market access for women’s craft groups in Africa, doing trauma healing and leadership development for orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda, working in children’s homes and schools throughout Kenya and Tanzania and is currently the Founder of the social business Beads of Esiteti which creates an income for over 275 Maasai women in Kenya, helping to create economic, health and educational opportunities for this tribal community.

Shauna has been honored to work with many different non-profits throughout her career including the Amala Foundation as the Director of the California Global Youth Peace Summit and Director of the Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit. Shauna is fueled by the power and resilience of the human spirit and is dedicated to creating environments in which people can connect, heal and discover the unique gifts they have to share with the world.