Kamilia Hrija, 22-Iraq

Vision: To heal the inter-generational trauma passed on from war in the Middle East

“My vision is to is to be of service to children that have come out of war torn countries, to focus on healing their trauma. whether it be by talking about it, planting and rebuilding what the war took away from them, or just by painting it out!

It is my hope to have this generation rise in awareness and be the one to stop the tradition of passing on resentments, anger, and trauma.”

Kamilia was a youth delegate, and has served as a counselor at the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Rodrigo Gonzalez, 19- Mexico

Vision: To unite diverse communities of young people as a means to create more authentic connections in our world

“I found that my value is not measured in being greater or worse than anyone but in understanding that we are all unique, therefore equal in value. I found that the love I give to myself is the love I can authentically give to others, and that giving myself the opportunity to be authentic is also, giving everyone around me, the opportunity to be themselves.

I want to offer a space where people can feel accepted in an honest community, where people can be themselves no matter their backgrounds or beliefs. We should all have the opportunity to share our true potential with the world”

Rodrigo was a youth delegate at the Austin Global Youth Peace Summit and is committed to bringing the Global Youth Peace Summit to his home country of Mexico.

Meron Benti, 22- Ethiopia

Vision: To eradicate the fear and stigma of Albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa

“I always learned how to make the most out of any situation. I would not be here today if it was not for my positive and optimistic attitude towards life. This is exactly what I hope others that cross my path can learn from me. I want to inspire people to not let their current hardships impact their future, but instead use those conditions, maximize them and make the most of what is given to them. I hope to use the skills and knowledge I gain through varied experiences to uplift underrepresented groups, to empower them and to help them see their inner potential.”

In 2018, Meron successfully lead the first ever summit uniting East African youth living with Albinism.

Meron was a youth delegate at the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Nany Zepeda, 26- Guatemala

Vision: Cacao reforestation and indigenous education advocacy

“I feel the inspiration and responsibility to advocate for the current generation of indigenous youth to thrive and preserve the essential wisdom of their ancestors, culture and way of life. I am passionate about the reforestation of Cacao and am planting a living classroom for the learning, sharing and exploration of its medicinal use, cultural significance and original processing practices.

I am currently “in residence” at the visionary farm/ campus on Hawaii.”

Zany began as youth delegate, and has since served as a counselor and facilitator at the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Travis Dodson, 29- USA

Vision: To co-create a functional farm and living classroom to educate and inspire individuals from around the globe.

“I am passionate in cultivating a dynamic multi sensory natural learning environment that returns humanity to the wonder filled state of our foraging ancestors. My vision is to cultivate resiliency, diversity and abundance in a regenerative agroforestry system that restores the land while benefiting humans and the local ecology.

With hyper diverse genetic material, we will be preserving plant genetics and installing them in a system with the potential for a legacy life span allowing the plants to naturalize and spread organically like a forest.”

For the past 4 years Travis has been living and working with Vanessa to grow our “living classroom” and visionary farm/ campus on the Big Island Hawaii.

Christa-Bella Mugisha, 23-Burundi

Vision: To create a Global Youth Peace Summit in Burundi

“In my country, 75% of the population is under the age of 25. My vision is to rebuild my nation with a resilient community filled with hope, working in unity and desiring to improve their social life in terms of health, economy and education.

My vision for humanity especially Africans is being able to reach a good number of people who are educated and working towards the same goals by making sure they see and understand things the same way.”

Bella is working with the Youth Ministry of Burundi to actualize her vision of a Global Youth Peace Summit in her country.

Bella was a youth delegate at the Kenya and South Africa Global Youth Peace Summit.

Robert Kamwara, 28-Kenya

Vision: To restore hope and self sufficiency for vulnerable youth in Kenya

“To promote self-awareness to vulnerable youth to have courage, nonjudgmental heart, compassion and integrity to lead in today's world.”

Robert is the founder of the Naledi initiative, which works with vulnerable girls in Kenya who have become pregnant and shunned within their community.

Naledi creates a safe space for these young women to learn the skills they need to move forward in their lives without being forced into early marriage or a life of dependence and hopelessness.

Robert has served as a counselor at the Kenya and South Africa Global Youth Peace Summit.

Mark Godges, 21- USA

Vision: To activate young people to become politically engaged and inspired to be heard

“My calling is to engage millions of disenfranchised youth to be involved in the political process and inspire them to know that they can make difference in the institutions that are meant to serve them.

There is a magic that can be tapped into in youth being engaged in the political and democratic process that can then spread throughout the world, and I think that is how the main issues threatening our species today can be solved. I want to serve as an energetic vessel that can build a coalition of progressives who aim to construct a better world based on people and not profit.”

Mark was a youth delegate at the Austin and California Global Youth Peace Summit.

Andrea Diaz de Leon, 19- Mexico

Vision: Using technology as a means to empower woman and girls throughout Latin America

“I wish to give my time and passion so that girls all over the world can go to school, study, live a healthy life, marry whenever they want with whoever they want and have their rights taken into account to live the peaceful life that they deserve. "

Andrea is the club founder of Girl Up a program of the United Nations at her university in Monterrey, Mexico

Andrea is committed to bringing a Global Youth Peace Summit to her home country of Mexico.

Rene Livingston, 25- USA

Vision: To bring indigenous wisdom to the forefront of the western world

“I envision land entrusted in the hands of indigenous communities, where they can continue the practices that have been with them for generations. I envision all that we have to learn from those who live most intimately with the earth. I envision a way to relearn what is sacred.

My personal mission is to inspire unity among humans and the natural world through reviewing, supporting, and preserving indigenous cultures.”

Rene has served as a counselor at the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Emil Kmetovic, 28- USA

Vision: To co-create a functional farm and living classroom to educate and inspire individuals from around the globe

“In this time of ecological decline and resource depletion we see a great need for the cultivation of useful and culturally significant heritage plants that are endangered or at risk of extinction. It is our vision to foster an ecological ark, a bastion of biodiversity, to ensure that future generations will have continued access to these precious plants and ways of living.”

For the past 4 years Emil has been living and working with Vanessa to grow our “living classroom” and visionary farm/ campus on the Big Island Hawaii.

Kai Njeri, 28- Kenya

Vision: To facilitate the exploration of a holistic approach to our environmental, cultural and social interactions.

“I envision the human race moving towards a sustainable existence. A vision powered by deep curiosity towards healing, restoration and new ways for us to return to honoring the natural heritage of our lands. My personal mission is to develop natural spaces where the spirit of creation and healing is fostered within the individual and their sense of community, through art, gathering and skill-sharing.”

Kai has served as a counselor and facilitator at the Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit and the South Africa Global Youth Peace Summit.

Sarkam Abdi, 23- Kenya

Vision: To bring mindfulness and life skills to the underserved youth of Africa

“I seek ways to encourage people to own their transformation for the good of the world. I am a teacher; I create, I give and share content through life-skills teaching as a way of learning and sharing in the world. I value inclusion and human transformation through living with purpose; working on a holistic heart-aligned personal transformation life-skills teaching and bringing mindfulness to everyday of our lives.

I love what I do and I am passionate in enhancing my skills in communication and sharing of ideas in human transformation. I want to grow my youthful approach in my organization through engaging content and learn from others who have made a step in the journey of human transformation.”

Abdi was a youth delegate at the Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit.

Nadia Tomaszewski, 21- USA

Vision: To create a healing sanctuary for survivors of human trafficking, rape and abuse

“It will be a home for hearts to find repose and regenerate their power that has been unjustly seized by their abusers. I want to create a place where women can incubate their personal truths, empowering one another in a safe and comfortable space. In the grand scheme of things I hope to have a collective of healers, from massage to trauma counseling to western medicine to herbalists, in a natural location where we can feel the soul of the earth and use it as medicine.”

Nadia began as youth delegate, and has since served as a counselor and facilitator at the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Justice Sambo, 22- South Africa

*Justice Sambo- 2018 "100 Young Mandelas" Award and Director of the South Africa Global Youth Peace Summit

Justice, Aline and Naomi are in their 3rd year of fellowship with the Institute for Emerging Visionaries and have already implemented many programs throughout the continent of Africa including the 2017/2018 Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit and the 2018 South Africa Global Youth Peace Summit as well as various youth leaderships circles in Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.

These three vibrant visionaries united and are the Founders of the African Dream Movement which is dedicated to creating a new generation of African youth that honor their differences and celebrate the unique and vibrant culture of being African. Their vision is to empower the next generation to heal their ancestral wounds so that they can rise up to what is alive in them now and share their unique gifts with the world

These emerging visionaries have received global recognition receiving the following awards and accolades.

Naomi Mwangi, 22- Kenya

*Naomi Mwangi- Planned and implemented the 2017 and 2018 Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit and is a facilitator for the New Generation Leadership Program founded by International Peace Initiatives

Aline Berabose, 22- Rwanda

*Aline Berabose- Youth Ambassador to Concern Worldwide and speaker at the Concern Resurge Conference in Ireland alongside former President Bill Clinton and President of Ireland Michael Higgins